Hands Up

I am not, I certainly hope, picky or finicky about other peoples style of worship. I don’t fault others for doing what they do when they worship God. If they want to stand, raise their arms, shout Halleluah–go for it. (As long as they aren’t being obnoxious or fake–Like the man that shouts Amen every three seconds.) But for some strange reason, raising one’s hands has always bugged me. 

Now I don’t for a minute think this was or is anything but a personal taste–but when I’m in services when people raise their hands, I get monstrously distracted by it. Why? I never figured that out until recently. I remember at teachers convention, a group of people off to my left raised their hands in the praise service. I can still picture them, and even though I shouldn’t have been I was distracted the whole time by it.

Finally, the answer came at my Brother-in-laws church. It’s a smaller church, Gallup is a smaller town, but when the pastor on the front row raised his hand in the song service–I had to stop myself from calling on him. THAT’S IT! I am a teacher–For seven years, I’ve trained myself to call on those that raise their hands–so when people raise their hands in church I want to call on them and answer theirquestion. Hmmm, go figure.

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