I’m beginning to hate the messed up characters

I like to write; which comes with other statement, I like to read. Lately, I miss the competent humans in books. It’s like the whole world has resigned itself to the fact that mankind is REALLY messed up. Many (if not all) the modern books I’ve seen are about–“Oh, wow, some horrible thing beyond my control has really messed me up and will continue to do so; but I must fight for something by creepy bordering-on-committable stalking and obsession.”  (I am thinking of Twilight by the way, but also basically EVERY other book in recent years.)

I like Dean Koontz; Now his characters are often (always?) messed up beyond reason; and, even though the bad guys usually get it in the end, I have a complaint. 

Here is the thing: I am a Christian–and as such, I have a world view that allows me to make sense of every given circumstance that I will ever encounter–This includes the supernatural, natural, normal, paranormal, kind, cruel, nasty, freakish, and quiet. So, I in my reading I have to muddle through the emotional angst of characters that come from the other side of the track.

These characters represent the nonsensical contradictory veiws of the humanist, the atheist, the pantheist, the Buddhist, or nature worshipper. And those are just the worldviews –add the usual self-destructive, lustful, self-loathing that comes with the worldviews and OUCH! I get headaches thinking about it.  

I like Characters that are not messed up by circumstances; I like the conquerors–the characters that look at the problem, and solve it. That take their problems and improve themselves by them. I like hope, confidence, respect, and courage. The Fellowship of the Ring that against all odds launches an attack at the greatest evil of their day. Aslan offering himself for Edmund. Miss Who as a star exploding-driving back the darkness. I like the people that don’t resign them to defeatist modern attitude.

I guess, like Jack, if I want books that I like to read, I’m gonna have to write them. (P.S. Anyone know who Jack is?)

5 thoughts on “I’m beginning to hate the messed up characters

  1. Hmm. I do tend to agree to some extent. I too like to believe in the underdog and the ultimate triumph of good over evil. However, to the extent that books often time reflect the realites of our existence almost demands that some characters reveal their basic flaws and hopeless state. It makes a good contrast to have those flawed characters if only to show the stark differences between the optimist who prevails and the fatalist who gives up. (I have no idea who Jack is but I enjoyed reading your posts.)

  2. (and remember our short conversatoin about the “law of diminishing returns” – too much of any one thing tends to dull our desire for more of the same)

  3. I think that if my name was Clive (not to mention Staples) I would also anounce to my mother at a very young age that “I is Jacksie”.

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