A Government Unconcerned About the People

Obamacare is being a hot topic of debate. Despite massive problems in a huge bill that will redefine America, lawmakers are plowing ahead. How? Are they stupid? NO, they are buying votes. Senators are being given special favors to vote for Obamacare. Nebraska’s senator got that state exempted from paying increased Medicare taxes by holding out until the deadline. The Democrats in Congress were more than happy to bail out one state out of fifty so that this totally new legislation causing the government to start competing against current health care providers can be passed. Freedom, American freedom, is being trampled underfoot as the current house and senate try their dead level best to change our society to a humanist socialistic one. 

Why should taxpayers pay for everyone else to have insurance? They don’t answer that. Why can’t we pursue legitimate health care reform-fixing the current system? They don’t answer that either. We have a problem, and it has been ignored for years, like the cheap loans problem that spurred the current economic problems. Our health care system needs some checks and balances, but why is the federal government trying to replace it with itself. It’s just another nail in the coffin of American freedom and another huge win for big government. And if they have to buy votes from senators with special treatment, so be it. If they have to lie, slander, bribe, threaten, or cajole they’ll do that too.

And when they come gunning for a freedom you hold dear, they’ll do the same thing. Pray that our current rulers learn to emulate our founding fathers and not Big Brother from 1984.

Of course, no answers are available through Washington. They are proving beyond reasonable doubt that they don’t have the moral fortitude to do what is right. Pray people, the God of heaven rules on earth; He can solve all problems and He doesn’t need to bribe people for their votes.