It seems that God is in the expanding business. For instance, the universe is constantly expanding. Why would the entire plain of reality God chose for our home be constantly getting bigger. It’s not like were using it all. Nevertheless, God’s universe is expanding. But that is really nothing compared to the reality of growth people experience.

Sure I could make the almost obligatory joke about expanding waist-lines, but that is not the point. I am refering to God’s unique way of forcing each of us out of our particular comfort zone. For personal instance, I am now being trained to take over the church books. I seem to remember some Bible class in college saying that was a bad idea for a pastor, thankfully I am a school teacher. I also seem to remember not wanting to do this, but necessity is a superior force than want. So I am learning to do it. Organization on the level of business bookkeeping and I go way back-as significant enemies. Well, maybe enemies is the wrong word; at least as those people that your polite to at Christmas parties but don’t like.

So, it seems that I must grow in several different directions. I am not particularly looking forward to it, but thankfully, once you’ve grown your ability significantly increases. That’s the cool thing; God wants us better and loves us enough to not let us stay put.