A Severe Lack of Dragons

I was listening to a song today called, “A Love Story.” It reminded me of something. In this whole romance thing guys are really short changed. A guy is suppose to woo his intended, win her heart, and then they do the  “happily ever after” thing. And while that is a great girls romance, the guys are left fulfilling the girls ultimate romantic fantasy. (Not that Guys can’t enjoy that fantasy and enjoy being romantic) But the ultimate guys fantasy, being the dashing hero is removed from a knight in shining armor to a polite guy that won’t take advantage of a girl. –POINT OF ANGER: If a guy is going to take advantage of a girl, they have no romance, only horrid manipulation.– As a single guy, I see a severe lack of dragons to slay. While our society can, to a little bit, fulfill the ultimate female romance–Romeo and Juliet, or what people think Romeo and Juliet is: I find that society has a large problem providing a suitable Damsel in distress story.

Now, if a man rushes to the aid of a lady in need, he isn’t a dashing hero; he is a sexist pig. How dare he even imply that she needs his help! She will stomp her high heel at him and chew him out for even daring to suggest that he was required to solve her problem. Never mind that he is thinking, she is to grand to be bothered by this nuisance. Never mind that the issue for him is that he can slay the beast or die trying to seek her favor. Now a days, Sir Lancelot would get maced!  

Call me a hopeless romantic but I want to fight for my girl. NOT fight my girl or fight over my girl. I don’t want a girl that will play hard to get; I want impossible to get. I want to fight a swarm of ogres, slay a dragon, and climb the highest tower to earn a smile! I want to conquer impossible odds for her glory and a small smattering of approval. I don’t want a girlfriend; I want a virtuous princess. And I will open the door for her-because one of her rank doesn’t open her own door. And I will love her without end, because one of her quality should be loved without end. I will fight for her virtue-because any curl that would besmirch it should be beaten like a rabid dog. I want to do the impossible, I want to slay the dragon! All for a lady’s smile!   

Sigh! Yep. I am a hopeless romantic.