The Weapons of Christian Warfare

Islam uses violence and fear, and they aren’t the only ones. Lies, manipulation, vice, and other weapons of mass and masses destruction destroy the truth out of spirituality and mankind faster than Kevorkian did away with his patients. What can a Christian do?

Well, for one thing, I stand firmly with those that say we must stand up and fight for what is right! (And if that means more than tough talk {and it does}, so be it!) But before I go off, I have to check the armory. What are my weapons? Hmm.

One: The first and most important item in the arsenal is…….Tada! TRUTH. Pure simple truth. It doesn’t get used that often. But it really helps morale to know that though you may be unpopular, slandered, hated, persecuted, etc, that YOU ARE RIGHT! ” So dust off that Bible and learn the truth. That’s what this fight is about after all–the father of lies against the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Two: This one is hard–You see the Bible (that’s the truth, remember) says “the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.” Ouch! Loose the anger, that “righteous indignation” isn’t going to accomplish anything worthwhile. Uhh, I know! I absolutely despise the works of the wicked–I hate it with a perfect hatred! But that’s not the weapon–it’s joy

JOY!? Huh, the Bible (that TRUTH again) says “The Joy of the Lord” is our strength.” Well, that makes sense, people aren’t going to care about a “religion” that offers just more things to be angry about. The world is plenty angry and hopeless. Imagine total hopelessness; wouldn’t ANY joy and hope attract you like a fly to honey or a starving man to a sandwich. But when we’re angry, when we’re bitter–the world has all that; why would they want our version? 

“But it’s so hard to be joyful in this world!” you say, “Don’t you know about _______________.” Yeah, I know.  It is hard, but that’s because we have the wrong perspective. Is God on the throne? Is the world out of God’s control? Is perfect justice going to happen? Guess, what? The answer–from the TRUTH–to all those questions is YES. So, that means, We are winning. Pssst. FYI. I said we’re winning. We should live from the perspective of JOY–We’re winning! Yeah, it’s hard. Yeah, sin is disgusting, hurtful, horrible, and nasty. BUT WE ARE WINNNING!–smile, God loves you. You know how I know? He said so, in a book, a book about How much God loves you! If you can’t have a private revival service thinking about how much God loves you and how He proved it, you’re synical to the point of nauseating. (Excuse me, I need a tissue.)

 Okay, I’m back. WEAPON 3: I kind of gave it away already. Are you ready? This is powerful stuff, handle with care, oh, and use this liberally–Love. “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, that ye love one another.”

(Oh, time out! This is not that rather weak ridiculous stuff that you hear about it songs and poor movies–we’re not talking about romantic nonsensical smooshy sentimentality, but the robust, strong, passionate Agape Love that God has. Okay, sorry to slow you down. Time in!)

We should tangibly love one another as Christians and the lost world–they are the true victims of sin after all.

FOUR: Don’t forget to take a sanctified sense of humor. It really helps to be able to laugh at life. Remember, we have not been given a spirt of fear but of power, love, and a  sound mind.

So, Christians get out there and FIGHT! But remember, we dont’ fight like the world–cuz’ were not of this world.

You, Philosophy, and a Nuclear Reactor.

I’ve am reading great books this summer, City of God by Augustine, How should We then Live by Schaffer, Miracles by C.S. Lewis. Either from over exposure to great Christian Philosophers or some other reason, I wish present to you this illustration.

You are stuck, alone, in the control room of a nuclear reactor. No one can get to you for hours, at least. The control panel starts beeping, and the screen says, “Error 412: Meltdown in 20:00.” It then starts counting down; you have twenty minutes before the reactor goes critical.

Before you can scream and panic, a voice comes over the intercom, “Hi, this Frank, how are you doing up there?”

“The reactor’s going critical! How can I stop it?” You yell.

“Okay, don’t worry about it okay, I know just what to do.” Frank says calmly. “I knew this would happen today. On the control panel in front of you, there is a big blue button. Push it.”

“Okay,” you say marching over to the panel, there are a dozen buttons on the panel, one  is blue. “Are you sure?”

“Oh, yeah, positive, the monkeys told me last night,” Frank says.


“Yeah, the flying monkeys on the wizard of oz. If you listen real closely you can hear them talking to you. They told me to tell you to push the blue button.”

QUESTION: Would you push the blue button? No, why not? Frank could be right. You could need to push the blue button. But you would have no reason to believe that was true. From irrationality, you cannot assume that you can get rational advice.  You disregard Frank’s advice because behind his advice is an irrational idea. This is similar to saying that mankind’s reason came from random forces of nature. IF this were true, we would have no reason to believe that mankind was indeed rational. He would be like Frank, basing cool reason on the gruntings of flying monkeys.

Similarly, if Joe got on the intercome. “Hey, we got everybody together down here. There’s 12 buttons on the panel. Let’s assume you need to press one of them.”

“Thank you!” You say, breathing in trying to remain calm. The timer is now at 15 minutes.

“I’ve got a twister spinner here, lets see.” Joe says, “Okay, we spun it. Push the red button.”


“Push the red button. I spun the spinner; it landed on the red button.”

“But that’s idiotic, get me a nuclear scientist!”

“We’re all scientists down here; there’s twenty of us. We agreed that we should just spin the spinner and see what comes up. Now push the red button.”

You would probably have some very unkind things to say to those scientists, but QUESTION: Why do you disregard there advice? Is it because reason doesn’t come from random chance processes? No matter how many people jump on the side of random chance, are you willing to push a button that could kill you and everyone in twenty miles? Now, they could be right, but you have no reason to believe that they are.

“Is anyone else up there?” you yell at the intercom.

“Hello, this is Philip. What’s the problem?” a voice responds.

“The reactor is going critical! It has ten minutes left!”

“What’s the error?” Philip asks.

“It’s error 412.”

“Oh, my. The coolant is down. Okay, to the control panel. Push the blue button. That will start pumping cold coolant into the reactor. Then wait one minute and push the red button. That will start venting the old coolant. And tell me if anything else happens.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure. I built this reactor.”

QUESTION: What would you do? Do you trust this reasoning? Because he built it, he knows how it’s suppose to work. Would you trust that? I hope it’s obvious what that’s like. If you can’t trust irrational reasons for rationality, or random chance to produce rationality, can you trust the Creator to be the source of rationality?

A world that wants to live in Runescape

I have been noticing that most of the world doesn’t like the law of sowing and reaping. The world hates that what they do has consequences. What is abortion but a way of running from consequences? Why is AIDS such a horrific disease? Why are humanists so mad at even the idea of God? I have been reading about Atheism and one of their major arguments is that evil exists in this world and God shouldn’t allow it. But I can’t help but think about the game RUNESCAPE; Runescape is a mmo-rpg. Basically you walk around a huge world with thousands of people and you do stuff. When you start the game, you end up the city of Lumbridge. Once, there you can basically do anything! You can adventure however you want. One of the biggest quests you can play for free is to kill an evil dragon that has destroyed an island.

If the dragon kills you, it is no big deal. When you die, you’ll come right back. Sure you might loose a little loot and you’ll have to walk from Lumbridge back to the dragon’s cave. But someday, you will beat it. Someday, you will win. You know that if the dragon kills you that you will get it in the end.

But when you do kill the dragon, it comes right back. When you stop the black knight, he comes right back. When you save the man turned into a chicken, he gets right into trouble again. NOTHING ever turns out bad or good forever because every decision you make doesn’t matter. You can threaten to kill a man one second and the next he will politely give you directions. The thing is that every decision you make is fake. It doesn’t have any real consequences.

Runescape is fun for a while, but it gets boring really quickly because really nothing matters. What if God had allowed the atheists to have their way; no consequences for actions–no tragedy follows choices no matter how foolish, sinful, or selfish. Hitler kills Jews, but they come right back. Fathers are drunks and abandon their kids, but there families have no ill effects. People fornicate whenever, where ever with whoever or whatever–no pregnancy or STDS. Wouldn’t it be great?

But what about good choices? The single mother that works two jobs to send her son to Christian school or college–Her sacrifice doesn’t matter. He turns out the same if she works or not. The Father that loves his family, the soldier that fights bravely, the shrewd investor, the inventive entrepreneur, the honest politician–none of their choices for right matters one bit. Everything ends up the same no matter what–Life on earth becomes like Runescape.

This would apply across the whole spectrum of human relationships. Imagine if dating resulted the same way if a man was a gentlemen or a sexist pig; a woman a lady of virtue or a harlot. It didn’t matter if you loved, hated, cared, or cried. Nothing matters-That is the wonderland that Atheist want so badly to believe is the reality. But to me that is like wishing you could go to the fair to watch others ride the rides and eat the funnel cakes. No, it’s worse than that. It’s like wishing away all that makes human life worth living. The only thing you could ever satisfy is bass instincts–you would be an uncontrolled and useless animal. All the wonder of life, the real love, care, etc. would be gone. There would be no consequences in life because their would be no life. All that makes us worth while would be gone, replace with nothing but useless, empty, tepid entertainment that would merely distract for a few moments before we again revel in our empty, pointless existence.

I thank God that He is so much smarter than us and so much kinder too. He could have had automaton that would not mess up, but He knew that giving mankind choices, REAL choices, was so much better. Yes, we have tragedy, but we have triumph. We have suffering but we have love. What we do, each of us, every moment does matter–It really matters. So Dawkins and his crowd can complain, but I am glad God choose to make our reality real and our will real too. I don’t blame God when wicked people choose evil and sin. I rejoice that I can effect reality just as much by choosing righteousness and love.

Plain Vanilla Yoga

Yesterday, I started school meetings. This school year is off and running. However, a bizarre circumstance happened. I was reading in Ruth today about how Ruth “happed” to Boaz’s field. I guess I am in the same boat because yesterday, I happed to an interesting coffee shop. I was exploring the area around the school. It’s on the other side of town and I was very early for the school meetings. So I found a coffee shop-after I found a Sonic and a Sunflower supermarket. Right next to this coffee shop was a place called Dahn Yoga and Tai-Chi. They had brochures right outside so I grabbed one.
It is interesting to me that so many students at Victory Christian School are heavily interested in Manga, those backwards printed Japanese comic books. So what does a yoga brochure and Japanese comic books have in common–Chakra. Apparently, the idea of the Chakra came from India and is believed throughout the orient. From what I could gather in the little digging I did, Chakra is the 6-8 circles of consciousness that can exist in a person. They claim each of these circles affect a person’s health spiritually, physically, and mentally.

The weirdness continues; this yoga place claims that yoga and the other assorted mystical beliefs can “develop inner peace, develop growth of your true self, control your inner power [called Ki], learn to use your healing powers on yourself and others.” Okay, I admit this stuff is plain creepy, but why would some new age yoga school bother me? Again we go back to those Manga, one of the most popular is one called Naruto. It’s about a boy ninja named Naruto, all of his super-human powers; in fact every ninja’s super-human powers come from controlling this bizarre energy source called Chakra-The 6 to 8 circles of consciousness of eastern mysticism. 

At this point, some of my students would accuse me of saying that Naruto is evil or watching Naruto is sin. I love my kids; they are so funny sometimes. I am not making this into some kind of attack on Manga, but there is a danger here. The students like coffee and Naruto. Suppose they “hap” upon the Yoga place. They already have interest towards this place. Students have told me how cool they think these Chakra ninja’s are. Would they buy into all this mysticism? I hope not. But the brochure has testimonies of people that think this mystical exercise program has cured depression and controlled diabetes. Not that exercise can’t do those things, but they aren’t blaming normal exercise. They blame this chakra-ki eastern mysticism. They blame this institute that says focusing your chakra and ki will help you heal yourself and others.

I know the allure of entertainment and I can see how these simple comic books are full to the brim with eastern Mysticism and spiritism. That can be dangerous; we tend to get more involved in things that we are interested in. It is important to warn these students that they might be trapped by the devices of Satan. After all, Satan wants to destroy them; and getting them involved in the New Age movement and Eastern Mysticism will definitely do that. 
But what is really demonic about this whole Chakra thing is that it has an element of truth to it. It’s description in Naruto and in the research I did both have the endocrine system in mind. Each Chakra or state of consciousness has a corresponding gland. Even in Naruto the Chakra points are closely associated with lymph nodes. Can exercise of the body affect the endocrine system? Of course it can. If a chocolate bar can produce endorphins and a roller-coaster ride can cause an adrenaline spike then a regimen of exercise can affect your emotions. Remember Satan always offers his best apples first. Here I think it’s these stretching exercises called yoga. A person will try it and find out it does affect their mood; they do feel more at peace, etc. etc. But that doesn’t prove the mysticism; although it is presented so that it looks like it does. Then Satan comes along with this whole bizarre philosophy of Chakra and energy healings and Ki power until a person is totally duped by the New Age movement. It’s sublte and deadly.

Anything that comes along needs to be looked at carefully and hard questions need to be asked. Is this right? What does this mean? What is the point? What should I do about it? Is this wrong? To many times we just let new issues come at us and don’t even do enough digging into them. It takes effort but finding the truth is worth the work.