Cube World–Coming Soon

Starting this coming month, I plan on posting a monthly serial story. The title is CUBE WORLD. The title may be in use, most great titles are, but so what. Coming ONLY TO CREATIVE ZEAL MEDIA website, JUNE 1st is CUBE WORLD episode one! With episode 2 to follow, July 1st. Comments and criticisms are welcome. Enjoy the world that IS the box!


Tron Legacy—A Criticism.

 Ah, Disney once again gains millions of dollars from the vast uneducated or undiscerning movie going public by washing off a mediocre film of the past and ruining it completely.

Where to begin? The movie was painful assault on the intellect with NO perks that usually accompany movie watching.

Let’s look at the ridiculous assortment of characters that attacked our senses with little to show for it. Like Avon Flux we have an interesting world populated by unbelievable characters who interact with each other in something barely recognizable as a plot. Unfortunately, I have to say Avon Flux made a better showing and that is SAYING something.

The HERO Sam—is one ridiculously clichéd contradiction after another. He is teleported to another world, nearly killed a dozen times, betrayed by his dad’s best creation, abducted by a mysterious lady that refuses to answer any questions, meets his dad after being abandoned for 20 years! And then in a ridiculous scene that NO human tolerate—sits down to dinner and talks about HIS life—NOT insisting to be brought up to speed in the situation that is staring him in the face and on multiple occasions tried to KILL him. Then for the rest of the movie delivers all of his lame dialogue in a ridiculously subdued whisper—even when his father is about to die or when he is fighting to save the girl.  

The DAD—unable to actually ACT human—is trying to come across as some sort of ridiculously incompetent costumed Jedi. His motivations are so fickle and again clichéd that only seven year old boys would be amused and that is only because he has somekind of magic powers.

The GIRL is a nonentity—barely having enough lines to get the plot (if that is not insulting the word) going. She comes across as an enormous BLANK. I suppose this is intentional; because she is supposed to be a niave spontaneously generated life-form. But this makes no sense; because she is also supposed to be able to save mankind from all of its problems. So acting as little as she possibly can—she manages to be the clichéd girl on the arm of the clichéd hero. (Vomit noise inserted here.)

ENTER the villain. Woops, I can’t find one! The shallower than the drip of syrup in an empty can of peaches villain is insult to the clichéd villain. His motivation, to fulfill his creator’s commands, has somehow caused him to think this accomplished by trying to kill his creator and everyone else. He lashes out violently for no reason, killing Zeus and Zeus’ girlfriend and his secretary for no purpose. He has little to no motivation; hardly coming across as bad, he is more like a resounding “huh?” He hates without hating—plots without plotting—and in the end is destroyed by an unnecessary sacrifice of dad.  

 TRON—Hidden in a suit of armor, the namesake of the movie works for the bad guy until the LAMEST line of turning (with the least motivation to go with it) where he (in spectacular special effects) fails to take out the villain. He goes blue and drowns? (until the sequel. {May it never become a reality})

ZEUS—behaving like a sane and sober version of the Joker—he betrays the hero, barely, (which the audience knows is going to happen), in a fight scene that would make the Power Rangers cringe in embarrassment. Somehow in this fight, the girl gets injured, dad somehow using physic powers to stop the bad guys, and then the daring trio, Dad, hero, and girl escape; and by daring I mean how dare they insult our intelligence so badly. Oh, then Zeus, refusing to do anything clever, hands the disc over to the villain and waits patiently for the villain to blow him up.

THE PLOT: I use the term loosely. Tron: Legacy is one stupid, overdone cliché after another. The most offensive line, Dad, in the tone of someone reading soup ingredients, says to his son, “I would give it all up for just another day with you.” FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Are Disney movie writers now ripping off lame titles of County songs for their intimate dialogue? None of the dialogue is really believable. The characters are as flat as the DVD the movie comes on, and the plot is so thin it makes water look like beef stock! Added to that, the believable or cleaver moments are non-existent—from greedy corporations to villains trying to kill everyone on earth (for no reason whatsoever) the movie moves from cliché to cliché without stopping. At over two hours, the CIA should look into using this drawn out monstrosity to extract information from uncooperative prisoners.

I only have this to say, if this trash is making money, how come I’m not already famous and providing reality with better entertainment. I sincerely apologize to the movie going Americans who spent ten plus dollars to see this in the theatre. I will endeavor to get some REAL stories into the hands of movie makers so this insulting hogwash is removed from circulation.

The Slaying of the Dragon of Gogen Heights

This short story is one of my writing teacher’s favorites. It depicts a  knight trying to kill an evil dragon despite the efforts of a midieval environmental group trying to stop him. I consider hyper-environmentalism flawed. Animals are wild beasts that will kill, destory, etc. They don’t have the reasoning ability that God gave man. The Slaying of the Dragon of Gogen heights (PDF)